October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween everyone!

Ahh, the autumn air is upon most of us here in the good ole US of A. Too bad our Government doesn't really give a shit if that air is polluted for us, or our future generations eh? In case any of you've been wondering exactly what he's been doing these past few weeks. And it hasn't been campaigning with McCain. That's the LAST person they want to be seen with in public.

He's been hard at work rewriting laws that yet again HURT , the WaPo recently posted this article, about Bush's last push to deregulate. You know....the same kind that helped bring this economic crisis upon us. He's quietly been working to enact a wide array of federal regulations.

"many of which would weaken government rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment"

"They want these rules to continue to have an impact long after they leave office," said Matthew Madia, a regulatory expert at OMB Watch, a nonprofit group critical of what it calls the Bush administration's penchant for deregulating in areas where industry wants more freedom. He called the coming deluge "a last-minute assault on the public . . . happening on multiple fronts."

One rule, being pursued...would allow current emissions at a power plant to match the highest levels produced by that plant...overturning a rule that more strictly limits such emission increases....would allow millions of tons of additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

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(And yes, almost all presidents do these types of things during their last days, usually helping industries and persons who've favored that Prez's policies and such, only this jack ass targets MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL regulations that are in place for AMERICAN'S SAFETY/CONCERN)


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