November 2, 2008

Woman refuses to give candy to Obama supporters children

I swear you can't make this shit up. Check out this pathetic excuse of a human, Shirley Nagel from Michigan...who actually REFUSED CANDY to ANY Obama supporters kids on Friday, (Halloween), night.

This woman should be bitched slapped for this kind of crap. I mean, with this sort of stunt, she's obviously a far-right, conservative christian? And is practicing the teaching's of our Lord. Something about intolerance, and hate, etc?? Oooh noooo's, didn't He mean "love thy neighbor" (irregardless of color/political affiliation)

Yepper's! Way to go Shir'!!

Oh, and in case you'd like to convey your thoughts to Ms. Nagel personally, here's her phone #: 313.884.2**8


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