October 30, 2008

Are you a good voter?

Are you ready to cast your ballot? (Good for you) Or are you still on the fence about who you're going to vote for? No way!! Are you serious?? It's friggin Halloween and the evidence presented before you HASN'T convinced you of who's the best candidate for AMERICA?


If the past 8 years hasn't changed your mind than I guess NOTHING will huh? Not the illegal warrantless wiretapping, not the torturing of POW's in Gitmo Bay, not the controversial hiring/firing of DOJ attorney's, not the fiasco that was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, not the sad state of affairs our economy is in, not the $10-12BILLION/mth for a war we shouldn't be in, in the first place?? If none of the above reasons, (and a 100 more btw if you can handle the truth), AND neither of the candidates plans/promises have swayed you, than maybe you should do the country a favor and just stay home next Tues. I mean, seriously....WTF??

Sarah Palin has been called because she's NOT ready to be VP, let alone Prez.

*and yes, the above external links are from "non-partisan" news sources"


Or as Bill Folman put's it:

1. Do you feel you made a mistake in 2004 when you voted for George W. Bush?

If your answer is yes, then maybe you're just not good at voting. Every single thing you probably hate about Bush's second term was either already in evidence during his first term or was a direct result of actions taken during those first four years. The arrogant foreign policy, the massive deficits, the deregulation, the cronyism, the wasteful spending, the endless war, the bad environmental policies -- all this was on the table in 2004. In fact, Bush probably made more mistakes in his first term than in his second. But why didn't that sway your vote when it mattered? Perhaps you were uninformed or perhaps you were misinformed. Perhaps you were fully aware of Bush's faults but chose to cast your vote on the basis of personality rather than policy. We'll deal with all of these points in a moment. For now, you should ask yourself this: if I got it totally wrong in 2004, how do I know I won't get it wrong again in 2008?

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