August 27, 2008

Might as well

Sweet baby Jesus! 2 more ppl joined the league the other day. Thanks dudes! I figured, since i started posting again, why not try and talk about relevant shit. Hmmm......guess the news is out. Cause just about everything reported is related to death, mayhem, and all around bullshit. So then we take a look at the 360 world, and we find some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe.

If you haven't yet played the new Star Wars game, you should snappyitdy, snap to it and get to downloading. It's short, but tight. Then of course we have the next evolution in gaming history. ROCK MUTHAFUCKING BAND........TWO!! Bitches!

Yes, it's rad. Yes, it's bad. It's downright the best $$ spent on ANY game on ANY console me thinks. Jill and i have spent many a hour rocking out with our co..errr, shockin out?? Heh, heh. She knows who her Daddy is. Trust me. ;)

So if anyone ever wants to jam out, hit me up on XBL and lez doo it.

Oh and here's sum more pix.....enjoy. Yes, that's a a claw game

And here's my baby in the room.
And oops, double post.

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