August 29, 2008

200 yrs of respect destroyed in the last 8

I absolutely am addicted to Crooks & Liars and the HuffPo. Mr Amato and friends have loyal following in the blogosphere. One that offers little gems like the clip below. So i hope they don't get mad i posted it. Not to use anything as an excuse, but i didn't have much luck in trying to find any contact info. Sorry. Anyway....Richard Dreyfuss said a few things that put our plight in a different perspective on MSNBC yesterday. Like the fact Europe has a few thousand years on America. And how BushCo has thoroughly trashed any and almost all progress we've made in our nations short lifetime.

Dead on balls accurate i'd say.

Watch (Courtesy of C&L) Thanks John! I

*She seriously needs to lose that cackle*

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