August 25, 2008

Obama! Obama!

Sup bitches? What's that? Where have i been? Nowhere why? I just haven't felt like dealing with this lately. The last thing i want to do after 10 hrs of fixing computers is to come home and sit in front of another computer and blog about my so called life. Meh! I'd rather "veg-surf" on some celebrity gossip, video game shit than copy and paste shit here all night. Double Meh! It's not that i'm lazy. (ok, so what if i am), it's just that trying to keep current AND blog shit about it is lotsa work. I'm watching the DNC right now and it's kind of inspired me to log back in here and type to myself.

So what's new? Nothing here either. The wedding's creeping ever so closer........"Duhn, duhn, duh-duh, Duhn" But i'm not fraeknig otu abuot ti or antyhing. Ha ha. Jus teasin bitches.

Football season's finally back, and i need another couple of manager's for this year's Yahoo fantasy league if anyone's interested. Shit, what am i one even reads this crap.

Oh well.........such is life on the interwebz. Win some, lose some right?

Oh and Citrus park little league should'a won the W.S. Not Hawaii of all places. But i guess that's better than Mexico right? Oops, oh wait. I can say that cause i'm a spic myself. You know....the one's being deported by the hundreds since the uproar over the border, that is. Here's an interesting article about the situation, and how we're just dropping immigrints off at the border at all hours of the night, children under 13 without their mothers. People who have medical condtions, etc.

So, congrat's Hawaii. You're the world champs! Lahdee frikin dah

Oh and i'd been meaning to put these up before, but you know me. So here's a few pix from our trip down to Ft. Lauderdale. Err, I mean Miami......errr, Coral Springs. Err...FT LAUDERDALE!!!


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