February 14, 2008

He must've "Misremembered"!!!

Man, that last post's formatting looks like crap. Here's another. Did ya happen to catch any of Roger Clemens' testimony today? LOL Misremembered??? Kinda reminds me of another famous person with a complete lack of verbalization. And they're both from Texas too...hmm. **King George?**

What a freak'n joke. Both of those dudes are liars, no doubt about it. But i believe Clemen's has much more to lose, and therefore LIED HIS ASS OFF TODAY.

You could see the "hotspots" during his testimon, his defiance towards the questions and those asking. There's plenty of body language that tends to be displayed when one is lying. And he displayed quite a few.

But we still don't know the truth after 4 hrs of "yes sir/no sir". And never will.

That's it for today....oh....almost forgot. **did u watch the movie yet?**

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