February 13, 2008

Wake the F up people

Look. I don't know much. But i do know this. There's a huge number of questions still lingering around the events of Sept 11th 2001. Some obvious.......some not so obvious. There's just too many conincedences. Across the board. And the irony of it all, is that the Fed's could put most of them to rest if they released footage from ONE MEASELY SECURITY CAMERA, located ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE PENTAGON. That's it. But no......the conviscated it immediately after the crash of flight 77 that day. WHY?
One of the 1st questions i asked, is "why would the government want/need to pull such a stunt?" IF, and ONLY IF, they had ANY involvement in what took place that day? WHY?

Why were several commerical aircraft allowed to; not only roam free for "x" amount of minutes/hrs.....but then also able to "succeed" at hitting their targets? (and how coiencidental the US Airforce were actually conducting training exercises known as 'War Games' that very same day......with the VERY SAME "FAKE" TARGETS) WHY?
And soooo many more folks. What a sad, scary place my country has become. Oh yeah.....it's all because of "TERRORISM". Right? Fight em over there, so we don't have to fight over here. Right?
Like i said above.........I DON'T KNOW what happened. But what i DO KNOW....is scary shit.
If you wish to expand your knowledge further on this subject, with an "Open Mind", I suggest taking the time to watch this film. SKIP PAST THE FIRST PART REGARDING RELIGION I wasn't too thrilled about the beginning of the film. Maybe i'm just not high enough, but i just opened a new tab, let it start, then paused it and let it load further so i could rewind/fast forward to the controversy part.
If you don't believe the supposed "Propoganda" facts given in the film. Then go GOOGLE IT. Make a check list of the topics brought up and see for yourself. But i have a feeling those who are unable to FREE their minds from the daily news propoganda machine, won't.....can't bring themselves to take the time to do so. Or that they're just too afraid of what they might find out. That in itself is enough for some. But that's the problem. Closing out the reality in front of us, is absoultely absurd. And UNPATRIOTIC to an extent. How can you look the other way at what's been going on for these past 8 years? How can you NOT help but become enraged about it? We should all be fucking PISSED OFF.
Anyway........the movie is called ZEITGEIST, and can be viewed in it's entireity on Google Video, etc.
Prepare yourself.

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