October 25, 2007

There you are

Do i still live here? Lol. Yep....i've not been in the bloggin' mood these last few months. (obviously)

But I'm back...

For a minute anyway.

Well see how it goes since i really don't have much use of my right arm now.

*damn fire*

So what's new wit u? Same ole shit? yeah, i know.

Let's see.... I know almost the entire state of CALI is on fire right now. (hope you're not one of those affected Eric) And the war is still being waged to no avail. Iran's preppin their Nukes, (with Syria right behind them). Hmmm. I wonder where they got the tech from? N Korea? China? Russia? Yes.....ALL THREE.

How about your gaming life? Halo 3? Madden? Skate? The list goes on and on. Ive currently working on Skate, H3, and Blazing Angels 2.

And on the upcoming games, Ace Combat comes out TODAY. But i'm eagey anticipating next weeks GUITAR HERO III release. What about u?

Then next month we get ROCK BAND. But for $160.........it'll have to wait. Unless.....no. Shhh.

So that's cool, that there's an alt to GH3 now. And from what i'm reading, it takes the genre to the next level. Even though GH already has it's loyal followers, who are sticking by their game.

Halo in my opinion is waaaaaay overrated. Been there, done that. Skate's cool. But ever since i downloaded the GH3 demo the other day..........it's been the most fun i've had with a game since ..........i don't even know. GTA3?

Anywho.........have a good one.

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  1. i was luckily not effected, though the harris fire was pretty close by.

    and yeah, blogging seems a bit out right now for me too.