September 8, 2007

Football's Back


If u don't like that link. Here's more.

FAUX Sports

ESPN front page

CBS Sports


Finally!!! Are you ready for some footbaaaal? Do u really wanna party? Hellz yah. For some reason, i'm uber excited this year. I can't get enough of it. I think ESPN should make a new rule that they can't cover any other sport between Sept & Jan on TV. Score!!! But i'll just keep dreaming for now.

And with the start of the season, our Fantasy league is underway as well, so hopefully i'll be kicking ass the rest of the year.
Ain't that right MARK? JULIO? JILL? JOHN?, and all u other wanna be FF Champs.

If u have a yahoo id, i think u can observe the stats at this link. Just sign in at the top of the page, and see. Im not a hundred percent sure it'll allow visitors.

I didn't do too bad in the draft. Which only took place a few days ago. My only complaint is that the computer screwed me out of RB's this time. Out of 4 spots, my primary's are 2 rookies. HA! I, like the rest of us, wanted LT, or another top 10 back. Maybe cause i had something like 10 of my first 15 choices as RB's? Not really sure. But i was lucky in all other areas.

Here's my starting roster:

Beyond sux my ballz. In a good way of course. ;) It's all good though. I guess It wouldn't be called work if it was fun.

Have u seen Boeing's Bird of Prey yet? No? Then head over to Air Attack and behold the next generation of stealth technology in all of it's glorious wonder. I'm buying one once i hit the lottery. I"m sure their planning on selling them to civilians.

Or check our the Google pix page.


That's about it for now. Catch ya later alligators.

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