November 28, 2007


It sure has been a loooong time since posting. So long in fact, that i think i forgot how to. Although, it seems i'm starting to get the itch back, no...not down there silly. The blogging itch.

I really need to. It's almost therapeutic. And the way things have been lately....i could use some type of outlet for the stress. What's funny is that, my prev host is STILL sending me email's stating my credit card charge didn't go through after almost a YEAR of cancelling my account.

My first goal is to buy a new domain though. I think i'm done with Bryway. But then again.....what else does anyone know me by right? The main concern is with the name of course. You can literally spend hours at godaddy, or other registrant looking up different combinations for a domain name. Then there's the direction i want to go with the site. Is it just a personal blog? Or should i shoot for turning into a money making, cash cow down the road? LOL

Let's'd have to contain the word SLACKER somewhere. ;)

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