April 29, 2007

We've learned nothing

it seems. I'm talking about our mistakes as a society. The mistakes we make as individual people. Whether we admit it or not. We still live in a world that can't seem to co-exist with each other. Try as we may to do the right thing, it's tough not to give into the temptations that present themselves before us from time to time. We judge, lie, and gossip about each other. But yet, at the same time we're also capable of so many wonderful things. Love, life, and forgiveness.

My question is. When will we learn that all those "not-so-wonderful" things like hate, jealously, and greed get us no where? How long will it take before we stop maiming, robbing, and killing each other? I have no friggin clue, but i hope it's within my lifetime, or shortly thereafter.

A Great Man once said: "Love one another. As I have loved you, so love one another. "

I for one, am trying to abide by that virtue. We all know it's not an easy thing to do. Not even close. But we have to keep trying. I know i will.

At least try to find ONE GOOD POINT about everyone in life. It's there, sometime you just have to look harder than others.

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