May 4, 2007

Bad choice Mr Gates

So i got the latest issue of the Official Xbox Mag yesterday. Included in that, as always, is a demo disc. #71. A good part of which are current game demo's and future game previews. So im browsing the menu and see a in-game preview of Bioshock. (don't know it?)

Then about a quarter way through the clip, when the clip transitioned to the next scene, the screen froze for about 5-10 seconds, during which, the drive started reading the disc like there was no tomorrow, and finally the next scene loaded. And then it dawned on me. A DVD drive probably wasn't the best choice for a NEXT-GEN gaming console. Ever since the spec's for both the 360 and the PS3 were first announced, the inclusion of a LAST GEN piece of hardware really makes no sense at all. (besides dollars and cents of course) The DVD format doesn't hold a candle to what HD & BlueRay have to offer.

See for yourself

Why Bill and Co decided to go with plain ole DVD for the Xbox 360 is waaay beyond me.

I'm referring to Microsoft's CHEAP ASS decision to forgo either a HD-DVD, or BlueRay drive as opposed to this POS is baffling. Sure i could always go out and spend another $100+ for a high def drive. But why the hell should i have to in the first place?? Because Microsoft says so, that's why.

And keep in mind.....i'm not talking about some start up company. This is Micro$$oft. A company that was founded by the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD for Christ's sake.

Anyway.....don't get me wrong. I LOVE my 360. But i'd love it even more if i didn't have to keep dropping my cash to have a TRUE NEXT GEN gaming system. We're being nickeled and dime'd to death between the accessories, Xbox Live, and add-on's.

Should i even go into numbers here? Nah, i'll leave that for another post.

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