April 25, 2007

Guess who's back?

I've got to admit. I'm rarely wrong. But as i've always said, if i am...i'll be the first to admit it. Yes, i'm talking about letting my hosting bill go south, along with the site. Shit happens right? Almost always.

I thought that after the last time my acct was suspended, i updated my contact info. But i guess i didn't. And because i rarely chk that acct, i never got any sort of notice from my web host that a payment was past due. It was only AFTER i saw the "Acct suspended" bullshit on my site that i logged into that inbox and saw all the emails from them.

I read them and realize the problem, but go to bed, figuring i'll do it the next day. So the next day, i get home, just about ready to make the payment, and decide to chk that email acct again, and low and behold, what do i see?? Another email with the subject, "Acct Terminated" Terminate??? WTF??

It seems that i wasn't quite up to speed with my web host's TOS. (terms of service) Because it's their policy to TERMINATE their customer's account once they go 7 (SEVEN) days past the billing due date without hearing from that customer. No second attempt to contact, no 30 day grace period, nothing. All my files, all my post's, BLEH!!!!!

So......here i am. Still on the fence as to if i want to give another $500+ to them, or try my luck with another provider.

But to be honest....i've got more important things going on, and am putting the site on the backburner for now.

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  1. yeh running a site doesn't seem so hot right now.