April 1, 2009

Send large files easily

Check out these "large file transfer" apps that might come in handy for ya. I use one to store large ISO files and technical tools and updates.

It takes awhile to upload big data packets, so don't rush it.

I used to use Yousendit. But they've changed for the worst. I now use Pando. Large amounts of disk space for free? Up to 1GB I believe. Can't beat it.

  • Publish downloadable videos, photos and audio to any web site
  • Email files and folders up to 1GB
  • Use your existing email, no registration required
  • Know if your files are downloaded and how often
  • No need to be online when recipients download
  • No compression, FTP or flaky web uploads
  • IM links to your files or entire folders to any IM buddy
Here's a list of the better half of these type's of programs.

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