March 21, 2009

Which browser do you use?

As a long time Firefox proponent, I've sworn by it's security and customization to anyone who will listen. And as I mentioned before, when Chrome was released. I still thought FF was more secure. But info like this article/study has me starting to use Chrome more often while surfing.

Yeah, it's mainly a comfort thing when trying new software for me. But I really believe it's beginning to match up to FF when it comes to total usability/security.

From a web browser competition in California this week:
A recent contest at CanSecWest, an event that brings together some of the most skilled experts in the security community, has demonstrated that the three most popular browser are susceptible to security bugs despite the vigilance and engineering prowess of their creators. Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer were all exploited during the Pwn2Own competition that took place at the conference. Google's Chrome browser, however, was the only one left standing—a victory that security researchers attribute to its innovative sandbox feature.

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