March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday...........

to VIAGRA. 10 years worth of stiffy's is something. 10 years of stiffy's w/o medical attention is also highly dangerous. Like that disclaimer for Cialis that says: "erections lasting longer than 4-6 hrs should seek medical attention" Ha! Ya don't say? Can u imagine how much money they've made off of guys, well.........getting off? Millions or Billions?

Hmmm. Makes u wonder what else some of these pharm co's have secretly stashed away in a test tube somewhere. We've mapped our own DNA, figured out how to split an atom, and sent men to mars. How come there's no little red/green/yellow, whatever color, that you could take for, say........the common cold.

Or is it just that getting and maintaining a boner is far easier than killing germs? Yeah, that must be it.
Weblink roundup
Microsoft cracking down on XBL achievement/gamerscore cheaters
US Printing Office outsourcing new passport RFID tech
Ever wonder where your emails go?
Answer is: SERP - The results page given by a search engine

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