July 13, 2007

Cause it's Friday....

And u ain't got shit to do. To paraphrase the movie that is. Hope your week went well. Mine was ok. Work's been busy as usual.....but Jill's friends are upgrading their bedroom and getting a new mattress this weekend. So they've offered their less than a year one they're using now to us. Other than that, i don't think i'll be doing much.

So what else is new? Hmmm....lemme think. I was pleased to see that Congress is considering "contempt of court" charges for Harriet Miers. Good! Apparently our Prez's authority goes WAY ABOVE THE LAW, when it comes to answering to someone other than Cheney. God i hope this is the beginning of the END for this administration. PLEASE????

Riley sure hopes so, and says: "Mazel Tov"

So should YOU!

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