December 18, 2009

Modern War-FAIR?

Wow!  I totally haven't been here in forever.      I guess I should put the controller down more often then.    Which leads me to the following interview with a couple of IW dev's.     Oy!
(The WHOLE month of December? Really guys?)

Since the game shipped a month ago, Infinity Ward has been squashing bugs and reading feedback.

Vince: Absolutely. The benefit of making a game that all of our guys love to play is that all of our guys are playing it, and they're running into the same problems that any other player is, so we want to get that stuff fixed as soon as possible.

Jason West: Yeah, the studio has been shut down for all of December, but these guys are playing the game and they want to come in on their own time to fix it and patch it. Considering that they're all on vacation, the responsiveness of the team has been pretty awesome. [Note: based on the new unlimited ammo glitch, they still have some work to do. Unless there's a Christmas miracle]

Has anything really surprised you with multiplayer?

Vince: Well, yeah .. the Javelin thing, obviously [laughs]. Just the fact that somebody picked that out.

Jason: And the infinite Care Package one is pretty impressive, I mean you have to do this, do that and ...

Vince: I could see you accidentally doing it, but then how do you figure out how to go back and replicate it? That's crazy.

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