July 24, 2009

Happy Friday

Damn this week went fast. As is often the case these days. So good job to Jill for finding a potential opportunity last night. Way to be think outside the box.

So we were thinking of a little trip out west for a week or so. Maybe scout out the area and see what's poppin. The cost of living, esp: Housing, is like, way disproportiante to what we're used to down here in the bowles of America. But from what I hear, the future could be beneficial to an aspiring ACTOR! What,what,what?

So we'll see I what happens. Oh, we met a very nice gentleman today who happens to run a business on Dale Mabry. His name is Nathan and his shops only been open for 3 days and I think we were his 1st customer. And since no one is spending $ these days, he did us a nice favor that he kept referring as an "Out the door" special. So we obliged, and are glad we did. :)

The kicker is I don't even know the name of the company. But I'll post it after I see him next week.

Have a good weekend! (hebben een goed weekend)

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