June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson: Aug 29 1958 - Jun 25 2009

Wow!! First Ed, then Farrah, and now Michael. I can't believe he's gone already. Even with every news channel covering him now, it feels surreal. I can remember dancing in the car whenever "Don't stop till you get enough" came on the radio when I was 7 years old. I should say, "trying" to dance like him. Watching his videos over and over again, unable to completely understand how anyone could move like he did. And then he did the moonwalk on MTV during "Billie Jean"......OMFG. That was it! I just HAD to do it. Exactly like he did. But..no matter how many different pairs of shoes, or socks I tried....I just couldn't figure it out. Ha! Yeah, he was the man.

And there's always been the gossip, the rumors, and unfortunately the lawsuits. And even though I didn't really follow him once I moved on to junior high and high school, I never stopped being a fan. Especially during the controversial times. Any problems he had are no one's business but his own.

Did the,(Liz Taylor labeled), "King of Pop" have weaknesses and/or vices? Of course he probably did....who doesn't? He was a human being.

So for now, good night and God bless your soul Michael Jackson. You're a mega-icon of American culture, and will always be remembered that way.

He was a legend....but more importantly, a human being. (with a BIG heart)

You'll be remembered always & forever MJ

This is the Michael Jackson that will always be in my mind's eye.......ALWAYS!!

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  1. That's a nice way to honor his life, talent and impact on us all.