June 21, 2009

In Memory of Neda

Hey all.......long time no talk here. Things have been "interesting" lately to say the least. Married life is good though, nothing like that. :) Jus life.

Anyway...I felt compelled to post on the incredible events going on in Iran , (sic: E-Ron), at this very important time in their history, had to try to convey the proper pronouncement out of respect for those fighting, and more importantly, risking their LIVES by openly opposing the Dictatorship that is the current "Supreme Leader" BS of the Ayatollah.
(Along with "I'mahdinnerjacket")

I found this article @ the BBC's news site tonight, which offers some insight on the actual "polling irregularity issues" that are being brought into light by the opposition party(s)...not Mousavi's party only. (Very good info)

Sample from article:

  • "Early on polling day, the SMS network was shut down, that made me worried about what was going to happen," says Tehran journalist Ali Pahlavan.
  • "Then the interior ministry [where results from polling stations around the country are collated] started kicking out its own employees so that just a skeleton personnel and the top officials were left," says Mr Pahlavan.
And then of course there's this story of NEDA, who's graphic killing has been all over the news, and the web. THIS IS NSFW in case you are weary of blood, or jus plain, sick and disgusting video of a woman DYING on the streets of Iran yesterday. NSFW NSFW NSFW
The beatings, killings, kidnapping going on there are CRIMES against HUMANITY. Plain and fucking simple folks. This is what happens when a minority of people take complete and unquestionable control of an entire county. Which leads me to the following:

I thought long and hard about actually posting it. And 1 thing kept nagging me. It's called REALITY. The TRUTH. This is as real life as real life can get.
So, don't say I didn't warn YOU!


Allah-o Akbar!!

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