May 9, 2009

Palm Pre vs HTC Touch Pro 2/Diamond 2

If you're in the market for a new cell, you may consider holding off a few more months if at all possible. Why you ask?

Because the above 3 phone's should all be out by the end of this summer. (Q3) And as you'll be able to see at the sites listed below, these things are at the absolute cutting edge sweetness my friends.

Sure the Pro 2 may be a bit bulky for some ppl. And HTC has an annoying habit of excluding a universal 3.5" audio jack on most of their phones for some fucking reason. (See Tilt)

But you can't possibly argue with this kind of beauty can you?

Here's the HTC Touch Pro 2 coming in the next few months

  • Notable Features:
  • Gi-Normous touchscreen, 480 x 800 pixels, 3.6 mutha-fuckin INCHES of "Screen-Estate
  • Full QWERTY keyboard (1st time offered for cell's)

And here's the HTC Touch Diamond 2 for you to poop on....
*err, marvel at*

Notable Features:
  • 3.2-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen
  • 5.0 megapixel color camera with auto focus
  • Second camera: VGA CMOS color camera
  • FM Radio

Alternatively, if these types of cells aren't your bag. Or you just can't stand Windows Mobile. Palm's got a beast of a phone coming up.


Maybe you've been eyeing this thing? Maybe not. You should give it a once over either way. It's looking to be one sharp mobile phone, that's for sure. Check out the following video. *available in Hi Def* Brah!


  1. after seeing all the videos, I am liking the Pre overall. The HTC looks way to bulky and after my last HTC I have come to hate the MS Mobile OS and ready for something new.

  2. The palm pre is a piece of shit. and waiting for new apps is like watching turtles race. i should have never bought that phone after a while you realize that its like holding a fragile piece of plastic

  3. The Palm Pre is not that great at all. Becomes slow and unresponsive even with only one card open numerous times. The apps are not that great. It is extremely fragile. The touchscreen will every once in a while not respond to touch. And worse of all...its on the Sprint network. That should say more than enough. Sprint is the most undependable and most unreliable 3G and basic network. It is very frustrating. I'm sticking it out for now only because I am sick of throwing money on cell phones. But very soon I will be looking towards Verizon. Granted, I'll spend an extra 50 a month on the service I need, but at least I'll have service.

    Don't waste your money on the Pre. Don't waste your money with Sprint. And RESEARCH first. The one mistake I made that is now costing me money and time.

  4. I have two Palm Pre's, one for me and one I bought for my girlfriend, both had to be replaced in the first week, and both need to be replaced again. I had the touchscreen overlay (not the lcd) crack on mine for absolutely no apparent reason, and the other phone the slider is coming apart...again. Both phones have had all sorts of software issues, from the "too many cards" nonsense, to the navigation not working after talking to tech support 5 times, and the most annoying bug is when I am talking to someone and they cut out for a sec then their phone number shows as another incoming call while I am still talking to them! The software updates literally make more problem then they fix! I can't even see an order email generated from my own website because the Pre can't open a HTML email attachment, it give and error "can not open local files". I really hate the Palm pre! AND I PAID $600 FOR THE PAIR OF THESE PIECES OF SHIT WHEN THEY CAME OUT!. PLUS, I bought TWO of those Touchstone chargers which BOTH STOPPED WORKING in the first 30 days!!! You know what the "Pre" really stands for? It means it was PRE-RELEASED before the software was actually written correctly! DO NOT BUY A PALM PRE!

  5. Here we are. December 30. New Years Eve, according to my Pre. I've had 5 Pre's. Each Pre seems to be more shitty than the Pre that came before. I'm sick of hearing, "that is a known issue." The issue that I intend to fix is that I am holding a piece of shit, and Palm and Sprint have my money.

    My dissatisfaction is a known issue. A fix is coming sooner than they think.

  6. I've had my Palm Pre for 4 months and couldn't be happier. I have had no hardware or software issues whatsoever. Those of you who are on the Pre-of-the-month replacement club, what are you doing that requires so many exchanges?

    This is not a toy. The UI is wickedly cool and second to none. Everywhere I go around the world, people are astonished to see this delightful wonder. When I was in Dubai last month, for fun I decided to check out the large cell phone store at the airport; I smiled as the reps rolled out and demonstrated a whole whack of their newest phones for me, including HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Touch Diamond2, iPhone 3Gs, etc. When they were finally done, I pulled out my Pre and within seconds the salesmen were calling over the other reps and all were salivating and dying to know where they could buy it. You can imagine how disappointed they were when I told them it wasn't available in their market.

    Seriously, I truly feel this phone is the best thing out there, and until the minor issues are resolved it's just a matter of using workarounds. Palm is sending out regular over the air updates and adding new features all the time. The nice thing is you don't need to plug this into your computer and then spend time backing up and restoring your gigs of data like with other phones. It just works!

    To be honest, I refuse to be a sheep and follow the rest of the buying herd who buy what everyone else has. I buy only after long and careful research, and this phone has met and exceeded all my expectations. ;-)

    As an anecdote, a week after I bought my phone, I and many other new Pre buyers were invited by Palm & Bell to attend a free cocktail party at the Toronto International Film Festival. Here, senior Palm and Bell VPs and reps gave out freebies and helped us with any questions we had, and I could tell they were really interested to know our thoughts or concerns. Needless to say, I was very impressed! When was the last time your phone company took you out??

  7. I bought my Pre at full price when it first came out. I was so massively in love with it! It really is a great phone. That is, unless it has to be replaced for any reason.

    The Pre does not refurbish well at all. And they don't hold up to even the slightest fall. My Pre was dropped by a coworker only a couple of feet to the ground. It cracked down the middle. Sprint replaced it and now it needs to be replaced every month because of constant bugs in the system. It reboots constantly for no reason. The camera stopped working complete. Now apps don't load at all. I'm so disappointed because when the Pre was new, it worked great. I'm finally giving up on my Pre and switching to the TP2 today. Thankfully the company is paying for it because I don't want to pay full price for another phone only 6+ months later...