November 5, 2008

Baghdad ER

Holy crap man. Do you want to see part of G. W. Bush's legacy with your own eyes? Then check out Baghdad ER on HBO. But be warned, it's insanely graphic.

I felt a multitude of emotion while watching it. Part sadness, part anger, so forth and so on. But mostly....mad amounts of respect for those men and women. Barely 21 years old, and getting your leg or arm blown off. And for WHAT? I'll tell u what. For the profiteering of Bush, Cheney, and all the other bastard, motherfuckers who capitalized off of our soldiers deaths. Period! It pisses me off to no extent. Another reason Obama's our new Prez. (The Iraqi's called and said they WANT their country back)

And then i read some of the propaganda, and hate-filled op-ed's from around the net. Mainly from the far right fringes of our society. Mostly made-up, straw grabbing BS that when held up to the light of day doesn't make a bit of sense. You know.....the shit like, "Obama and the Dem's will only weaken our country", and "He's giving away your money", and "He's a socialist/marxist who wants to kill babies". Ummm....yeah, ok.

Don't these people know how to read? Don't they learn from past mistakes? Can you honestly look your mother in the eyes, and say that "We're better off now than we were 8 years ago"? The whole socialism/communist, whatever thing gets me. It's not like socialism doesn't ALREADY EXIST in our society. Don't they know that they're own tax $$ have been funding their leaders "HEALTHCARE" for decades now? Why the hell should only a select few have access to....cover your ears....."Privatized", aka, "Socialized" healthcare when so many Americans are losing limb, and life each and every day?

Next, he won't be giving away, the "Majority" of Americans money........he'll be doing something that should've been done a long time ago. Requiring the upper 2% of tax payers to pay their fair share for a change. So are YOU rich? If so, than i can certainly understand why you voted for McCain. I would too to use loopholes in the laws to GET OUT of paying taxes. But i'm not....and neither are most American's. So Obama makes more sense.

Oh, and I'm not going to get into the issue of abortion. Because frankly, it shouldn't be an issue. I do not condone it, but I understand it's a fact of life in this country. Just like gay marriage....I don't condone it, but again....fact of life. It's none of ANYONE'S damn business what women choose to do with THEIR own bodies/lives. Haven't you ever read our "Bill of Rights"? You know, something about the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS???

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