October 20, 2008

Thank you Red Sox Fans!!!

I was browsing local Boston newspapers and came upon some very cool comments about the Ray's beating the Sox tonight @ the Boston Herald, and just had to share. I mean c'mon, how many times do you actually get words of 'ENCOURAGEMENT' from the losing team's fans after a big series? Ummm, in my exp........not once! (until 2night)

Things such as this:
Great job Rays.....you deserve to be there and the Phillies should be no match for you guys. Thanks for another great year Sox. You showed incredible heart and the true spirit of Boston by fighting back and forcing game 7. Enjoy the winter off and let's make next year 3 straight trips to the LCS!!!!!

and this:
Hats off to the Rays. I wish them all the best against the Phillies. Hopefully, they'll keep the WS title in the American League. To my fellow Sox fans, hold your heads up. It was a very good year.

And on and on. I mean shit....any time you read the NY Times/Post comments when the Red Sox beat the Yank's, they're almost always berating/insulting Boston fan's Of course losing suxor big balls, so it's really cool to see such good sportsmanship on a PROFESSIONAL level after a big loss in baseball.

Awesome, just awesome! So what's my point you ask?

Go Rays!!!

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