October 9, 2008

The McCain/Palin lynch mob mentallity.

Good Lord I feel sorry for these people. They haven't a clue about anything except the propaganda they hear/see on the Fox Noise channel. The reporter's question are, "Is Obama a terrorist?", and "When was the first time you heard of Sarah Palin vs Obama?" I think everyone in the clip says he is!!!! Either because of "HIS LAST NAME", and/or actually being raised/exposed to terrorists as early as 2 yrs old!!

Watch for yourself..........

Holy crap they're nuts. And of course most of them lie and say they heard of Miss Palin BEFORE hearing of Obama. If that's really the case, then it just proves my point that they're ignorant of current events until something important comes along. Then, and only then, do they start paying attention. And even then it's only raw hatred from Fox, and other lies they're told by fellow nutbags These people scare the shit out of me. Because they believe most lies about most issues wholeheartedly, it makes them dangerous. I bet they actually preform some sort of lynching ceremony after the cameras are turned off/behind closed doors.

Source: Blogger Interrupted

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