October 14, 2008

Go Rays/Bucs!!

Sure the Ray's are close to possibly winning it all, but there's still a chance the owners will move the team elsewhere, even WITH a Championship title this season. Go figure.

And did you catch all the replay's from Sunday's NFL games? Wow....what an interesting series of last minute finishes! Let's see...the Cardinals over the C-boys of course. Then the Rams beating the red hot Redskins. (get it?) Then the Falcons last SECOND comeback over the Lions. And can't forget my Buc's over the favored Panthers. WOOT! And then to cap it all off.....the lowly Browns whupping up on the G-Men on MNF tonight. That's how it should be. Any team being able to pull an upset. Fuck the whole dynasty BS. It gets boring to watch the same teams go to the playoff's yr after yr. (Pat's who?)

Ummmkay.....i'm done.

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