September 17, 2008

More TRUTH about John McSame

I found this @ the Huff Post. For all you ppl possibly considering this fool for prez to read. I'll even highlight the IMPORTANT parts so that it's easier to understand exactly why you should NOT vote for him.

McCain declares himself a "foot soldier in the Reagan revolution," embracing the basic mantra of market fundamentalists -- lower taxes (particularly for the wealthy and the corporations), less regulation, less domestic spending. He is skeptical of unions, and has voted repeatedly against raising the minimum wage, much less extending a public social contract to workers. He wants to unravel employer based health care, not mandate it. His basic promise is to shake up government, make it less wasteful, reduce taxes for companies and the affluent, and get out of the way. In this election, he is the proud representative of the course we've been on.
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I also came across some more FACTS about what most conservatives believe to be true, but aren't.

Like these "TEN MYTHS" on national security that have been debunked.

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