September 30, 2008

The 2nd Great Depression

Man i hate always posting negative shit on here and wasn't going to. But i had to get my anger out on here. We should ALL be OUTRAGED at these past few days events. This has to be one of the SADDEST DAYS IN AMERICAN HISTORY. The DOW lost apporx 1.2 TRILLION dollars in SIX HOURS!! It's actually LOWER today than it was when Bush took office in 2001. Holy crap. I know we're not "officially" in a depression as of this post....but what we're seeing it unfold, right before our eyes. I mean WTF?

There's soooo many talking points on this subject between the rejected bail-out vote today, to who's to blame for this mess, etc. I could prolly type a 20 page post on my thoughts.

But why bore ya with that crap right?

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