July 10, 2008

Too many logins suck

Dammit man!! Have you ever gone through Yahoo's system for a lost pw? Well....do your very best'est NOT to...umkay? Why can't they be like everyone else and allow a quick, "Click here if you've lost your password" instead of giving out all this personal info? I thought by falsifying some of my personal info @ the beginning was a GOOD idea. Turns out the opposite is true.

Ha...yeah....let's just say it's been that kinida day. Either way, i know one thing. I need a better system of keeping track of em all. Let's see...between work and home, i think i'm right around 12 different ones. Shit, maybe even 15.

Oh well....big time worries there eh? Of ocurse not....i just didn't have anything else to blizzog about.

(And YES........I'm SORRY to ANYONE i offended on my 4th of July RANT last week)


1 comment:

  1. are u trying to sign up for some yahoo fantasy football? lols i forgot my login too (well my username anyway)