July 16, 2008

Furious Fretwork Time!

Harmonix brought back the sing-a-long crowd with the new Who DLC. That's something I've been missing since day 1. It actually caught me off guard when i first played "who are you". So....cool beans HX. But why so long?

Any who.....happy hump day to you all. This week is make or break @ work, so it's been a tad stressful. To say the least. At least Jill and I aren't dealing with the issues IndyMac customers are. That shit's sad. It's like 1929 all over again. Not that I'd know of course. But get ready folks.....again, i don't mean to be a pessimist, but i think things are going to get MUCH worse before any signs of improvement with the economy. I've always joked why it's called the "e-CON-omy".....seems life does have a sense of humor after all.

They say history repeats itself. I say, we're too dumb to know anything about history. But hey...at least those in the Oil industry are still going strong. Right? Didn't W say something along the lines of "America...is addicted to oil, we need to get end our oil addiction!", in one of his SOTU speeches??

Hmmm, must've been an illusion. Oh wait....this WHOLE presidency has been an illusion.

And don't even bring up the name, John McSame. Anyone with half a brain cell can see ALL TOO CLEAR what he represents this fall. So PLEASE....do both yourselves, and the rest of this country a favor and RESEARCH the candidate you're thinking of voting for. I mean, that's one of the reasons why we're in this situation. It's fine and dandy to believe in WHATEVER you want to, and to voice those beliefs when voting. But to really study the past, present, and future actions of your candidate, you must actually TAKE TIME, to learn just what it is that makes that person Presidential material. Don't go on what your friends, and family tell you alone. Take those recommendations and EXPAND your mind BEFORE casting that vote. I for one, don't believe every important issue facing our nation today is black & white. Blue or red, whatever. Today's issue's are much more complex than that. And precisely for that reason, i may lean Liberal...or i go towards the right. It just depends on the subject matter being brought up. No, i'm not the master of any these things i write here. I'm not trying to force my opinion on ANYONE. I'm just a guy who's trying to get by. And if i can help anyone with anything along the way, great. I just wish we as a country would really appreciate the freedoms afforded to us by our constitution. And stop concerning ourselves with, well....OURSELVES. We ALL have to stick up for each other folks. I may not like, or even get along with my neighbor, but I'd still HELP him when if he/she were in danger.

And let's be honest here peeps......we're in danger. Not from external sources alone....but from ourselves.

Thanks for reading, and I hope we all take stock of our world around us, open our eyes, AND hearts....and TRY to do the RIGHT thing.

I know I will.

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