June 3, 2008

2008 Ninja 250R

Wow! I'm in love with this friggin bike. From everything i've read on it, it's a super steal for $3500. 60MPG isn't that bad either.

And YES! I know the risks associated with riding a motorcycle on the streets today. Fully aware trust me. But guess what? I'm not Bryan Kinevil!!

I'm just a dude who wants to save gas/money getting to and fro. (and look good doing it) ;-p

But seriously.....if things work out right, I hope to have one very soon.

(anyone want to buy a 04 Suzuki?) lol

Check out these links and tell me whatcha think.

Watch Cycle World's review/test ride:

And here's a comparison between the 07 and 08 models.

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