March 18, 2008

Illegal Federal Reserve

It's long been known by some American's that the entity that issues the US money is a fraud. That's right. The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is ILLEGAL and we've all been duped into believing that it's legit and we're required by law to pay tax on ALL REPORTED INCOME. But we're NOT. And it's about as FEDERAL, as FEDERAL EXPRESS. It is a PRIVATE COLLECTION OF INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, that LOANS MONEY to the US Govn't at INTEREST. The 16th admendment was NEVER FULLY RATIFIED BY CONGRESS. But even so, American's have been penalized for standing up the the IRS by not reporting their income tax. And the outcome of most of those trials have been found FOR THE DEFENDANT. That's right. When the IRS lost some of those cases, the appealed to the SUPREME COURT. And it was ruled that in fact, there IS NO STATUE ON THE BOOKS saying that the people have to REPORT THEIR INCOME. But yet, 300 million American's still go about their lives none the wiser.

Please.......take the time to watch AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM, and see for yourselves.

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  1. yes excellent aron russo film shame he got caner and died here is another good man with agreat purpose exposing the nwo
    Also for a excellent insight into the bigger picture of the power elite and there puppet masters go to
    rember truth is stanger than fiction keep an open mind there are alot of very aware people on this blog with great links posted