March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

To all those who observe it this weekend. We're doing the fam thing in Lakeland on Sunday.

Maybe color sum EGGS tomorrow?? Like so:

Psychodelic Eggs

What you will need:

* a dozen hard boiled eggs. (Ask an adult to help)

* elastic bands in a variety of widths.

* egg dye

What to do:

* Wrap six elastics of different widths around a hard boiled egg.

* Place egg in dye

* Remove the egg from the dye when you have the desired color.

* Remove three of the elastic bands.

* Place the egg in a different color of dye.

You can do this varying the amount of elastic bands that you remove. For example if you want to use three colors of dye, only remove 2 elastic bands when you take it out of each dye bath.

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