March 11, 2008

Full albums???

So everyone's waiting for the release of Rock Band's 1st FULL ALBUM DLC. Harmonix/MTV need to get their asses in gear. It's been over 4mths and although there's a good chunk of songs avail so far, I really expected better. Don't get me wrong, having 3 (or more) new tracks a wk to play is cool, but some of the choices have been questionable at best. I mean, if you take the time to look, you'll find countless msg boards with download "wishlist's" from ppl, and of course AC/DC and Zeppelin are always #1 & 2, but yet, Harmonix puts out 5 GRATEFUL DEAD tracks?? Meh

(edit: i just read that next week's DLC is going to be:
Next Week:

"Nevermind" (album) by Nirvana

Following Week:

"Who's Next" (album) by The Who

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