January 12, 2008


More OT!! Of course. Man, don't cha hate when things at work get to the point that it's a chore to drag your ass out of bed and get in there? And by things at work, i mean when the suits make decisions on "new procedures" that just BOGGLE THE MIND!

See, like all business's, they're in it for the money. But i think there's a huge line between being profitable, and being SUCCESSFUL. And when things aren't working to meet the expectations of it's customers, then things should change. And they do. But it's always the grunts in the trenches who are "let go". It's never the ones who are TRULY responsible for whatever's broken.

But of course the nations job market is "improving" according to King George. How sad. At least i have a place that pays me to carry out it's evils. For now. So I'll go on....doing my best to stick it out and hope things improve. Chaaayah

*but that's why we have gadgets right?

Johnny boy recharging his battery's in the breakroom.

Christmas Dinner @ my sis's

Jill's engagement ring

The one and only, lovey loo

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