January 30, 2008

Fair & Balanced my ass

You'll never convince me to believe a damn thing reported on Fox News. They're nothing but radical, right wing, propagandist's. I didn't say "Republican" now did I? So please don't take offense if you are one. That's your personal decision and no one eles's business. Your political party affiliation has nothing to do with this post. But Rupert Murdoch is another matter entirely. In fact, some would argue he had a lot to do with the debacle that was the 2004 Presidential Election. Either way...this article by a former employee of Mr. Murdoch tells a story not often heard/read by the general population.

"Rupert Murdoch hired Roger Ailes to brainwash America into thinking right-wing ideology is actually the political center. And he did. And, I'm ashamed to tell you, I helped him."

This isn't some made-up piece of fiction with bad intentions. So read it. Read it twice. Just to be sure you understand what's being said.

It's the REAL DEAL folks.

Enjoy it....i know i did.

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