December 27, 2007

Voter caging and other questionable behavior

What the hell is VOTER CAGING, aka Caging/Vote Caging/Direct mail fraud?

Vote(r) caging is the targeting of certain voter groups based on race to influence elections towards one party or another. Lately it seems the GOP has made it the "status quo" with each election. Most notably during the 2004 prez election. You know....the one where Gore got MORE VOTES than Bush, but still lost the election. The Republicans targeted students/military personnel, and DECEASED voters in Florida AND Ohio. Basically, the GOP obtains mailing addresses of mostly Democrat/Minority citizens, and send letters to their registered addresses in attempts at "disqualifying" them from said election.

PBS ran a spot on it last month, which you can find HERE.

It's unethical, illegal, and for the most part, corrupts the democratic process this country was founded on. For the sake of our Nation, I hope ALL of the current investigations into this Administrations purported criminal activities are brought to light, and those responsible are brought to justice.

Next we have our loving VP Dick-head Cheney repeated meetings with auto exec's behind closed doors to ward off California's recent attempt at making the auto industry comply with stricter emission laws. Which were shot down by the EPA of course. Gee, i wonder why the VP cares what mileage standards Chevy, Ford, or GM have to abide by? Oh, since he used to be an Oil exec himself, he was prolly just catching up on old times with former collegues right? WRONG. Why the F, wasn't he tending to his REAL DUTIES? Like crime, education, and the overall well being of our country. Nope. Instead, he's more concerned with making the auto industry more profitable.

Don't you think we should be paying more attention to our leaders job performances, instead of "Who's better, 07 Pat's, or the 72 Dolphins?"

Nah....that mean's you'd have to actually be accountable for the person(s) you helped put in office.

I say, the job of the president of the US, should be held up to the same standards as the rest of us are. If the Prez does good.....great, nominate him for a "Above & Beyond" award. But if he fouls up, he should get WRITTEN UP. After 3 of those..........SEE YA LATER! And whoever was runner up, (read: NOT THE SITTING VP), should get the job.

Maybe then our country would actually PROgress.....instead of REgress.

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