December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I hope 07 was a good one for you. good as u could ask for. Mine had it's up's and down's as usual, but i have to say, this month has surely been a DECEMBER TO REMEMBER! :)

*editors note* i don't think i've officially "blogged" about the big news.

I asked Jill to marry me on Xmas morning, and she said YES!!!
Watch out for the drunks/cops this weekend. (depending what ur up to) I know we'll be laying low and just hanging out.

Have you seen Googles new web design tool yet? Oy!! It's about time they released it. Now web design couldn't be any easier. Even if you've never made a site before, you'll have one done in no time. They even give 100mb's of space for ur uploads. Hot damn!!

So with that.........i'm terribly:


Google Pages

Perfect Pat's: 16-0 (or if a hater)

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