December 13, 2007

Go Noel, go!

Tis the season, ho ho ho. I really hope the Bucs get close to the SuperBowl. lol.'s late and i'm THAT tired.

Anywho. It's almost Friday, so that's all i care about. Speaking of work. I saw a pretty cool thing tonight on my way home. A "Legalize Medical Marjijuana" Van to be precise. With big, bold words painted on all sides. IN TAMPA???

Yep. I think i've seen it before, and both times was pretty shocked to see something like that in FL of all places. The guy, (Noel), has even made a site, (grassy noel) and REALLY has a lot of guts to be that public about his cause in a state like this. It's a faaaaary cry from other locales such as Cali, and Oregon. Politically that is.

And the thing is.............He's absolutely friggin right. The way MJ has been demonized all these years. And yes, it's "cliche", but i'll say it again. HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE EACH YEAR FROM ALCOHOL? A SHITLOAD, THATS HOW MANY.

And what about MJ? As far as i know............NONE!

But it is what it is. And people like Noel are fighting for something that they not only believe in....but that they also know to be RIGHT.

As his site points out, it's medicinal properties have always been known. Why else would our government grow, research, and provide it to case studies?

Anyway, there are a gazillion sites with recent studies, laws, and the like out there....check it out.

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