July 18, 2007

Gottaplay.......my ballz

The Darkness. Played it yet? You should if you're a fan of that genre. FPS, adventure, etc. If you enjoyed Dead Rising, you want to play this one. Then again, this summer really hasn't seen all that many new games, so it's not like the 360 offers much else. (with the exception of XBL)

The ending is a bit different from what I've exp before. In fact, i wasn't really sure what just took place, so i restarted from the last checkpoint just to see if i missed something. But nope. That's that.

The last game i actually finished was Gears, so now I'm considering going back for the collectibles, and/or achievements. Which reminds me. Stay away from Gottaplay if you ever consider signing up with a rental site. I wouldn't have said that last week. But that was before i found out the still haven't received a prev game i sent back. Usually, i wouldn't have to worry about it. It's happened several times with Gamefly. But GP's policy is that if a game is lost during transit, your acct is basically frozen until the issue is resolved. They sent me an email asking me to print/fill out a "theft" form from the US post office's site, physically take to to your nearest branch, and then FAX A COPY of it to Gottaplay. That's NEVER happened with GF. Gamefly just has u fill out a form, ONLINE, and move on. Overall, i'm not happy about it, but life moves on.

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