June 13, 2007

The iPhone is finally official

If you signed up at Cingular.com
AT&T, you should have gotten the email this past Friday that we've all been waiting for. June 29th is the BIG day, as most of you know by now.

And even with 3 million units being shipped at launch, Apple will most likely have difficulty keeping the factories rolling them out. What if you're stuck in the middle of a 2 yr contact? Sorry......you'll have to break it and pay a $150++ termination fee to your current carrier. But at $500 for the 4GB model, and even though my contract is up in Sept, i think i i'll just have to wait until the price drops, or they offer a huge rebate. *sighs*

So for now.......i'll just keep salivating all over the pix online.


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