May 25, 2007

And No....he really CAN'T pronounce nuclear!!

How sad. That poor Elizabeth is so naive when she backs this war and administration. I love when the black chick trys to intervene and cut to commercials, and Rosie bitch slaps her down.

And unfortunately, the reality of this world DEMANDS our attention. the sad reality of OUR COUNTRY, demands YOUR attention concerning the topics that were brought up by Joy.

I mean....why in the hell, are the residents of New Orleans still living somewhere else, TWO YEARS LATER, waiting patiently for some help in rebuilding. Have you seen recent pix of that place lately? It looks like the hurricane just happened last month. Hardly ANYTHING has been done. But at the same time, executive members of the company charged with leading the clean-up process have still gotten OUTRAGEOUS monetary rewards......for doing NOTHING!

How very sad we are as a nation.

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